Ginger was our first boxer and the harbinger of great things. She came to our home as a companion to our German shepherd, Lacey, and fast became her good buddy. Ginger carved out a huge space in our hearts and in our family. She was a very affectionate boxer and friendly with everyone. She would attend gatherings at our home and socialize with all the human party-goers.

  Ginger and Lacey had a very interesting relationship. Lacey was an extremely smart dog and would trick Ginger whenever she got a chance. One of their favorite games involved treat time. Each would get a treat and Lacey would immediately go hide hers. Then she would engage Ginger in play so she would forget about her treat. Lacey would eat Ginger's treat and then go find hers and eat it too!! Strange as it may seem---Ginger never tired of this game!!


Ginger lived a good long life despite some health issues.  She didn't allow these problems to affect her joy of living.  When we suddenly lost our German Shepherd to cancer, Ginger was heart broken.  However, we brought home our Sophia and Ginger once again recaptured zest for life.  Little did we know that this would begin our love affair with the boxer breed.